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[ Notice ]

* Corruption-Free IBS is where you can report improper activities or good deeds of IBS employees.

For example, you can report activities that violate the institutional ethics and integrity of IBS, the hardships that employees suffer or suggestions and opinions to enhance the integrity at work.

Your report will provide important information for our audits or investigations.

* New Policy for Corruption–Free IBS : Real-name whistleblowing

- Starting in the second quarter of 2016, you must indicate your real name when filing a report in Corruption-Free IBS. The new policy aims at increasing your sense of responsibility as a whistleblower and preventing waste of administrative resources caused by defamatory reports.

- When whistleblowing, please identify your name, affiliation and contact information in the report.

(Example: John Smith / Center for OOO (team name, company or center name)/ 010-1234-5678)

- Investigations will be launched only for reports with the real name of the whistleblower indicated.

* The Department of Audit will entrust the management of your report to an independent, external agency. The agency will completely maintain the confidentiality of the report through security technology that prevents IP address tracking.

* Guidance is provided for each item to make your report as detailed and clear as possible. Please make sure to include all information specifying the 5Ws and H (who, what, where, when, why and how). Providing extra materials to support your report or any other ways to verify it will expedite the investigation resulting in our quick response.

* Please note that simple inconveniences and general complaints or unclear and ungrounded slander may not be accepted or processed. We will weigh the significance of the reported matter and determine whether to launch an investigation or what measures to be taken.

Institute for Basic Science

ex) Hong Gil Dong (the accounting department manager)
If two or more peopleare involved, please note all.

When did
this occur?

ex) July 1, 2013 near 03:00 PM
About a week ago, About a month ago, About a year ago, stilloccuring

Where did
this happen?

ex) Boondang Starbucks - in front of the exit 2 of Jeongjayeok Station
If this does not happen at a specific location, identify where it happens most often.


Please be as specific as possible.

Please provide a description of the incident(s) with as much detail as possible.
It is very helpful when evaluating, investigating, and processing the report.
But do not reveal your identity.

who knows

Please write the name(s) of the witness(es) who knows about the incident.

to confirm
the incident

Please type the best way, in your opinion, for the management team or the audit department to confirm this incident.
ex) Compare account book A and B,Inspect security camera tapes on Day:00/Month:00
and statements of witnesses. Verify Manager 000 and Asst. manager were adversaries.

How did
you learn
about this
How long
do you
think this
Password [4-digit number]
your file

Before uploading any files,

please make sure your personal details are not included and deleted within the actual file

[ Right click file → Properties → Details → Remove Properties and Personal Information ]


The report key will be issued after the report is submitted. Please write the six numbers on a safe place.

No one other than the complainant knows the report key & the password.These will not be reissued.

Please check the results of processing 5~6 days after reporting.

The report key and the password are requiredto check the results of processing.

Agreement   This report is submitted as an agreement to the terms and conditions of Redwhistle service.